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SWAT teams enter a suburban neighborhood to search an apartment for the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in WatertownI have so many thoughts as I have watched events unfold in America over the past five days. One is the emotion of Outrage, Anger, Frustration, and just baffled. Trust me here I am one whom lives in harmony and serenity 98% of the time, but things are spinning out of control in the world, and I have the eyes to see it, and the fingers to type about it. Let me provide you some of my thoughts.

First they came for the communist, and I did nothing because I was not a communist, then they came for the social democrats, and I did nothing because I was not a social democrat, then they came for the Jews and I did nothing because I was not a Jew, then they came for me, and there was no one left to help me! We have watched two people “framed as suspects” by the FBI, posted by the media as enemies of the state, an entire city placed into Martial Law, and then finally captured, with the result being not an arrest, but a killing of one, and a imprisonment of the other into the hands of the military.

98 people killed and 700 injured in Iraq by bombs over the past 5 days, do we care? Do we have responsibility for destroying the country? Or do we just endlessly watch our country descend into a police state and applaud?

Do you think as an American citizen you are considered innocent until PROVEN GUILTY in a COURT OF Law with a jury of your peers.Do you are entitled to not speak to authorities, and have legal representation when arrested for any crime? Is that what you believe? Because you are now watching what I and others have been warning all of you about, executive orders and laws such as the NDAA have STRIP you of your rights if any government agency deems so.

boston suspectThis will be the narrative in the main stream media today. Terrorism is back, only an increased police and military presence will keep you safe, it was key for a citizen to “rat” to the police his concern about his boat cover, and ALL citizens love the police state with endless clips of citizens clapping, along with the president telling us what a great leader he is. Sound Right?

Martial Law declared to capture this “Suspect”. Think about that thousands will be killed by negligent drivers, thousands killed by gangs, heck hundreds killed by their own spouses every year in America but do we declare Martial Law to capture those, “Suspects”?

Think about our current justice system. The media puts your photo up and tells people you are a suspect in a crime. The police tell everyone you are a being hunted, and then you are dead. Have we not seen this in a movie before?

IF you watch American main stream media you get one story, if you watch ANY other nations coverage of America, it is QUITE DIFFERENT!

Over 15 photos of different guys with GEIGER COUNTERS running at the Boston bombing. Ya think someone was not ready for that event to be nuclear?

Over 50 Main Stream media outlets, (all controlled by 5 mega corporations) where staged at the Boston Courthouse yesterday afternoon. How many of them reported the courthouse was “Evacuated because of a bomb threat”. Friends you MUST understand the gravity of this moment.

How many interviews are we getting from people coming out the hospital, what about all those VERY credible interviews after the blast with them quoting “We were told that there was a false bombing scenario happening so not to worry.”

What a day for those yesterday that were on the fence if government is really evil, and the media works with them. Just think about CNN complete falling about and utter chaos in reporting. Today we still have no suspects identified by the media. Want to know why. Their plans have been exploited, by those whom are doing everything to try and get people to wake up.

I think that is enough for now.


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