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Problem, reaction, solution!

Trillions of dollars in debt, trillions more in unfunded liabilities, and trillions more wasted yearly by our federal government.  One could call this a problem.  In fact one could call this a problem that is similar in scope to hundreds of other countries currently and thousands of times in the history of recorded man.

Problem:  A government that makes to many promises, passes to many laws and forces debt burdens upon it’s citizens.

People rise up, generally first the citizens that want the government to pay them entitlements, some type of handout, that the government takes from working citizens in the form of taxes. However that is usually the first reaction, which is then followed by a second reaction, those that are working finally are tired of the over taxation without representation and they rise up and begin rioting on the street either against government or the citizens whom are demanding the government take their money.

Reaction:  Citizens of a nation revolt against its own government, or threaten some type of revolt.

Government fearing they will lose their power write more laws taking away citizens rights, and begin taking away armaments of the citizens to force them to comply with the government laws. The same government that has cased the problems in the first place, now clamps down on its citizens with a police state, all in the name of providing order and calm from the reaction.

Solution: Government implements a police state upon its own citizens.

Problem, reaction, solution!

Today we are listing to every news station and every newspaper talking about the “fiscal cliff”.  This term has been placed into your mind to make you believe the we are heading for a big “problem”.  The “problem” is that our government has decided to spend beyond its means for 20 years, and also increasing its amounts of entitlements raised while revenues over that period of time have been flat. This problem is being amplified by previous laws that stated on January 1st 2013, an automatic $1 trillion dollar in spending cuts would happen, and $3 trillion dollar in additional taxes would be levied upon the citizens.

The “reaction” is one of typical government blaming each other for the problem with no serious plans of solving this “fiscal cliff” being worked out even though this scenario has been facing them for the last year. Government caused the problem, and government is now forcing a “reaction” from the American people.

The “solution” will be a 2000 page bill that will be sent to the house and senate for review and approval sometime around December 28th, and singed by the President close to January 1st, under the cover of dark, and without any one actually reading the bill. Every main stream, government controlled media outlet will hail this legislation as wonderful, and glorify all those whom lead its passage.

Behind the scenes people like me will read the bill and report to you on the nightmarish, hellish, and tyrannical wording within the document, and can guarantee you, not one dollar will be cut from the federal deficit, and the problem that the government has created will only get worse.

The question that I can not answer is why has the American people NOT risen up and rioted yet as we see happening all around the rest of the world.

I can bet that our government is licking its chops for the day we do.




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