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The $500.00 Solar Power Generating System

Today the news is filled with information on a Solar Storm set to hit the Earth.  With this storm it is possible to have electrical problems such as power outages, blown transformers, grid collapse, and a general all around bad day if you use electricity.  Let me think about that a bad day if you use electricity, well isn’t that every person in this country? Yes it is, the better question you need to ask your self today is, am I prepared if the power does go out for any extended period of time?

Maybe instead of buying that $500.00 IPAD 4, or HD TV, or whatever new electronic device that is being pushed on you 24 hours a day that will become WORTHLESS without power, you purchase something that will provide you power when everyone else is sitting in dark homes.

Here is a little video that might trigger a light bulb in you, it discusses the topic of our power grid in this country and how there is over a 12% chance of it completely failing.


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As a survivalist I always am looking for a new skill to add to my repertoire which then I can train others on.  I decided on solar power after I received my electric bill back in January.  Let’s just say inflation is hitting everywhere.  I did not use any more kilowatts, just the cost per kilowatts went up.  It rose again in February as well.

Now the system I designed and installed is not a cut into your regular power system.  I did not have to go get permits, hire electricians, and place panels on my roof.  This is more of a mobile, aka survival, backup system.  One that you could go to your local hardware or electronics store and do yourself.

Budget, always a good place to start, (hint to governments).  Be prepared if you do a system similar to mine to spend $450.00 to $500.00, depending on your shopping skills, ability to wait for sales etc.  Now most packaged solar systems with fancy battery systems, gauges, and gadgets are selling around $2,000.00.  Trust me on this you do not have to spend that kind of money to get a decent do it yourself kit with good old fashion car batteries, and some wiring.

Supplies to purchase:

  1. Sunforce 60W Solar power generating kit ($215.00)
  2. Two 12V car batteries ($140.00)
  3. Upgraded 900W modified sine power inverter. ($70.00)


The Sunforce 60W Kit I found at Costco..however they may not have any more in stock.  I have seen it available at Fry’s, so you will need to shop around for it.  I followed the instructions in the kit to put it all together.  You will get the following items:

  • Four 15W solar panels, with electrical wires
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  • PVC frame to support the panels
  • A 4 to 1 electrical connector wire to feed the power of the four panels to one connection
  • A connector to the Solar Charging Regulator
  • A 7amp Solar Charging Regulator, (this monitors the flow of electricity charging into the car battery)
  • A connector from the battery to the 200W power inverter
  • A 200W power inverter, (this is what converts the 12V DC power of the battery to 115V AC power)

NOTE: this kit does not come with 12V car battery.  I recommend TWO that way you have backup power

I am not an electrician, nor the “handyman” type person.  In my survivalist training I was able to recognize that shortcoming quickly.  But the good news is that even I could follow the instructions on the packet and without any special tools build, install and wire this system in about five hours.  I have been using it now for about one week.  Everything appears to working as it should, the battery recharges during the day.  With the 200W inverter I power the small appliances and lights in my kitchen.  It does not have enough power to do much more than that.  I recommend and have ordered off a 900W inverter that cost $65.00.  Once I have that I plan on powering not only the kitchen area but also my office area, and my refrigerator.

Now that I have put this system together, I could take it apart and relocate it to another house or the wilderness in a matter of about an hour if the situation arose in which I needed to.  If you are not able to find the solar power kit, I have seen all the supplies within it available at electronic, boat and RV stores.  Just use the list that I provided earlier in the article.

Did I purchase and install this because I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and save the planet from my evil self.  No of course not, that is all lies and deception meant to destroy the American way of life, and usher in one world government. However it is an excellent strategy to combat INFLATION, and to have a backup power system up and running for when the lights do go off with the pending economic collapse of America.

Update: More inverter power equals MORE appliances you can power and get off that digital “smart meter”.  So as I continue my Solar Power homemade system, I decided to upgrade my Power inverter from a 200W to a 900W, thermal sensing fan inverter that can handle up to 1800W peak demand.  WHAT a difference.  Today I can power my 12 cup Coffee maker, Blender, Coffee Grinder, plug in kitchen lights, and slow cooker, all at once.  This is the good news.  However with that I have results of how quickly my battery charges when not being used after drained to the alarm level of the inverter for low power.

Under Mix of Sun and clouds it took 34 hours to fully charge to a “green Indicator” on the charge controller.  It broke down like this:

  • Thursday   80% Sunlight  equals 10hours
  • Friday    100% Sunlight equals 12 hours
  • Saturday   70% Sunlight equals 9 hours
  • Sunday   overcast all day equals 3 hours
  • TOTAL 34 Hours of sun power with 60W of panels fully charged the battery.


Now I thought the process would be MUCH quicker, especially since we are told every day how great solar power panels are and that they can solve all the worlds power problems.  Let me clearly state with my experiece and testing…NO WAY!!!!!

God Bless You

God Bless America

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