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Fukushima Today, Meltdowns, and a Ring of Death

90 days ago a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan.  Thousands of people lost their lives from this natural disaster.  However the man-made disaster called the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown will end up being far more costly in terms of lost life and human suffering, for weeks, months, years,  and decades to come.

Lets start with the obvious a news cover up. Nuclear meltdowns began in THREE nuclear reactors within 4 hours of the earthquake.  88 days later this is now admitted by TEPCO, and the Japanese Government. CNN finally came forward with the truth.  Here is the CNN “mea culpa”.

3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms

June 06, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced full meltdowns at three reactors in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami in March, the country’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters said Monday.

The nuclear group’s new evaluation, released Monday, goes further than previous statements in describing the extent of the damage caused by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Reactors 1, 2 and 3 experienced a full meltdown, it said


Reactor Number Three Blowing up March 12th 2011

Here is where I want to be very clear.  CNN is the ONLY MAJOR AMERICAN TELEVISED MEDIA OUTLET THAT HAS ADMITTED THE FULL GRAVITY OF THIS SITUATION. CNN which has thousands of reporters, analysts, and resources that is tasked with providing the American people and they say the world with truthful news and information that effects are lives was unable or unwilling for 88 days to research the truth at Fukushima and report it to you.  Now I am sure you are all thinking well what about FOX NEWS, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC they all must have done a better job. 

I did a google search on the following term: Fox Fukushima Meltdown, MSNBC Fukushima Meltdown..and so on for all those news organization…NOT ONE..NOT ONE has come out and ran a story on all three nuclear reactors melting down.

Just think about this for a minute.  As you read this article, THREE nuclear reactors, one of which contains MOX PLUTONIUM fuel rods have melted down.  That means the nuclear fuel rods are OUTSIDE OF THEIR containment vessels, in a state of nuclear fission, emitting deadly radiation, and melting into the earth, dropping deeper and deeper into the crust of the earth every day, every week, every month, with mankind HAVING NO ABILITY TO STOP IT.

When I say no ability, here is a story which speaks to that.

Fukushima’s No. 1 reactor building radiation up to 4,000 millisieverts

TOKYO (Kyodo) — The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant said Saturday it has detected radiation of up to 4,000 millisieverts per hour at the building housing the troubled No. 1 reactor.

The radiation reading, taken as Tokyo Electric Power Co. sent a robot into the No. 1 reactor building on Friday, is believed to be the largest detected in the air at the plant.

TEPCO said it took the reading near the floor at the southeast corner of the building. A pipe runs under the floor, but TEPCO said it found no damage to the pipe.

The pressure suppression containment vessel is located under the building and highly radioactive contaminated water generated by the reactor is believed to be accumulated there, TEPCO said, adding, the steam is probably coming from the water.

TEPCO said its workers have no plan to work around the area but it will carefully watch developments in the area


No man or machinery will within the next hundred years be able to get close enough to this nuclear rods to be able to locate where the rods are in the earth, much less be able to stop the nuclear fission. I am sure you are hearing from our media that Japan has a “six month plan to stabilize Fukushima”…Let me decipher that code for you.  America, stop asking questions go back to your drinks, and American Idol you fools.

Here is what this plan is reported to be, which to the best of my resources came out in mid APRIL:

Fukushima Plan: Achieving Cold Shutdown Could Take 6 Months

by Eli Kintisch on 18 April 2011, 5:11 PM |

Officials with Tokyo Electric Power Co. have outlined their plans for ending the saga of the stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daichi power plant. In the first 3 to 6 months, according to the plan, crews will try to cool the reactors to a stable point, aiming for “cold shutdown” with temperatures within the reactors below 100°C. Then engineers will inject nitrogen into the pressure vessel surrounding each reactor. Using this inert gas should make it possible to minimize the use of water in the reactor vessel and reduce the risk of hydrogen explosions, which have already rocked three of the reactors. But crews will aim to use water to cool the outer containment vessel. The second step will focus on stopping the leakage of radionuclides into the air, essentially by fixing the outer walls of the damaged reactors or replacing them with freestanding, cubic containment barriers. There is no timetable for the government to ease restrictions on residents who live within the 20-kilometer-radius evacuation zone


READ THIS PLAN….they are suggesting they can achieve cold shutdown by cooling the core because the fuel rods are in the core…THEY JUST ADMITTED THREE DAYS AGO THE NUCLEAR RODS ARE NOT IN THE CORE!!!!!

How can you cool something down that is not in a vessel to be shutdown? The better question is how could this plan be reported to the world by TEPCO AND EVERY MEDIA OUTLET, when TEPCO IN MID APRIL KNEW THE CORES HAD ALREADY MELTED  OUTSIDE OF THE CONTAINMENT VESSELS!

Fukushima Ring of Death

Let me take a moment and move to issue number two, the ring of death.  You have heard that originally Japan evacuated people out of a 12 KM radius from Fukushima.  TWO MONTHS later they expanded that ring to 20KM.  Here is a story I previously wrote which shown you exactly how many cities and towns that effects.

Now why should this ring of death that will be around Fukushima for the next thousand or so years be of any consequence to Americans.  Here are just a few stories as to why you should be jumping up and down demanding answers and a real plan for how to deal with Fukushima:

The crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant is seen in Fukushima Prefecture in this undated handout photo released by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) April 14, 2011. REUTERS/Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO)/Handout

Milk Cows Moved Out Of Fukushima Evacuation Zone (NHK)

Posted On May 30 Global News
Dairy farmers have begun moving cows out of a village in the evacuation zone for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

The move came after radiation levels in raw milk from Iitate Village and part of Kawamata Town cleared the government’s safety standards. A ban on the shipment of raw milk was lifted last Wednesday on the condition that these cows are kept outside the evacuation zone.Farmer Masatsugu Shiga had his 7 cows transported out of the village in a truck on Monday.Shiga says he is relieved that his cows can survive in a different place but he is angry that he could have continued dairy farming if it had not been for the nuclear accident.A cooperative mainly made up of dairy farmers in Fukushima Prefecture says the remaining 150 cows in this part of the evacuation zone are scheduled to be moved out by the end of this week 

The British woman braving Fukushima radiation zone to save abandoned quake dogs

By Richard Jones

Last updated at 12:48 AM on 29th May 2011

 They are the forgotten victims of the Japanese tsunami; the countless pets abandoned by their owners as they fled fallout from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

But one British woman is braving the potentially lethal radiation levels to rescue animals left to die in the eerie ghost towns of the 12-mile evacuation zone.

So far, 70-year-old Elizabeth Oliver, originally from Somerset, has saved 197 dogs and 17 cats from the area, which she enters wearing a protective suit and carrying a Geiger counter.


This story has not even begun to cover what the effects of this ongoing and never ending meltdown will be on Americans directly. I feel that I the bigger news story I want everyone to take away after reading this is the lies and cover up of our mainstream media, and how our government has DONE NOTHING to inform and protect you from the devastation that has come to our shores.  Notice below the related articles section..ALL ARE FROM the NEW MEDIA, except the one CNN story..the on line media world that is covering this story like it should be. 

God Bless You

God Bless America

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