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HAARP Part II: Locations within the United States

HAARP up close


HAARP is an acronym for, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Part I one of my articles on HAARP covered an overview of the project, and provided dozens of links and videos for you to begin to introduce yourself to this topic.  If you are new to this I suggest you start by reading that article first, here is a link: 

In this part of the story lets cover the birth and the supporting information for the expansion of HAARP into its current physical locations within the United States. One would think that a technology such as HAARP would only have been developed by only the superpower of the world the United States.  That is partially right.  The technology was developed and patenened in the US by  Nikola Tesla and Bernard Eastlund. The following is information pulled out of H.R. 1644, “Puerto Rico Karst Conservation Act”. This year continues in H.R. 672. Attached 1. These aims are reached by means of the inclusion of 15 USC 3710a. Attached 2.
Project HAARP (High Active Aureoral Research Program) protests that it is a method and apparatus to manipulate a region of the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the magnetosfera. HAARP derives from several patents of the Government of the United States of which we are going to make specific reference to Patent 4.686.605 approved in favor of the Dr Bernard Eastlund the 11 of August of 1987. Attached 4. In this Patent of the Government of the United States direct reference to Arecibo like the place becomes from which manipulations of the ionosphere like preliminary studies and for aims of Project HAARP are made. And project HAARP protests that it is part of the system of anti-missile defense, that allows to cut the communications, to eliminate the communications of the adversaries, allows the energy production, to interrupt the flights of missiles, to destroy a missile since its activation begins, to destroy an invading ship, to modify the climate, to make connections of communications with submarines, or underground, and to make computadorizada tomografía of the Earth to locate its wealth, among other uses. But the fundamental part of Patent 4.686.605 is its last paragraph. In he himself one calls to each other: “Still to further, plumes in accordance with this invention and/or dog be formed to simulate perform the same functions nuclear ace performed by the detonation of to “heave” type device without actually having to detonate such to device.” Eastlund demands that the uses of their invention are varied, of long reach and utility that include the production of nuclear energy imitating an atomic pump without having to detonate it. The participation of Arecibo, with its Ionospheric Center has been continuous and limitless throughout the decades of the 70, 80, 90 of the last century, as well as it is it to the present one for those aims.


It is important that you gained from that information where it was incovered.  In a house of represenatives bill regarding Puerto Rico. You will notice in the map below, Puerto Rico, is one of the main locations for HAARP, as well other location in the United States and throughout the world.
This map begs that question.  Why are all these HAARP arrays in countries other than the US? Why are there so many of them? What is the signafigance of there locations? When were all these built, and why so little news coverage of it?  All good questions indeed, you may have more.
Th most recognized HAARP facility is in Alaska.  That was covered in Part One. The following is the timeline for when the Alaska facility was built.
HAARP completion timeline
Brookhaven National Labratory, and Montauk Project in Long Island NY

Brookhaven Labs, Long Island NY

Brookhaven Labs and Montauk Air Force Base includes part of the HAARP network and particle accelerator devices. By using Google Earth you can clearly see the existance of buildings and structures within the Brookhaven Labs that are not your typical office buildings.  Two VERY Large circular buildings can be seen. What is located underneath these structures is anyones guess

In my research I can not determine what the particle accelerators are used for.  Heck it could be some type of new weapon.  However it is clear in my research that HAARP is part of the work being done at this facility.

Much more information on this location at the following link:


HAARP Area 51, United States:



HAARP array at Area 51

AREA 51 warning signs

As you can see, not an easy area of the country to enter, photograph, or get information on.  you could attempt to do what I did which was spend a few hours on Google Earth, and reading documents on this location.  The best and most reliable info that I could find was the two photographs I provided.  HAARP does exist in Area 51, and is part of the overall HAARP network. 

HAARP Arecibo, Puerto Rico:

HAARP Arecibo Puerto Rico



This is the best photo I can find of the Puerto Rico facility.  Informatino on this location is spotty at best.  I am including this in the article because it appears to be part of the HAARP network, but little other information can be found it from my sources.
So at this point we know that HAARP has several physical locations and types of equipment in the United States.  In Part Three I will cover the locations in the rest of the world and why technology that was developed in the United States is being used by and located in foreign countries.
God Bless You.  God Bless Amercia








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