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What has happened to the American Man?

Update September 3rd. 2011.  As I walked down the streets today for our weekly farmers market, all the exact same thoughts that I had 5 months ago when I wrote this article came rushing back.  It is almost embarrassing to look at 98% of the men.  I looked at shirts labeled, “go green save the environment”, men who’s muscle mass was somewhere in the 1% range, and this look on almost all as lost with the world.  70% of those with children were pushing the strollers, and I feel safe to say that in an emergency most of the men would look to their wives to be saved, followed soon by calling the police. I will say it again what has happened to the American man?  He has been neutered, drugged, brainwashed by propaganda, and today is for the most part lost.  Is this every man, no.  All that train with me are tough good men, I run across many real men on facebook and talk with them on this website.  But today I look at the men in my hometown, and I am embarrassed.


George S. Patton signed photo by U.S. Army

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As I finished my morning hike I was hit with an overwhelming thought of, what has happened to the American Man.  In my hike I passed about 30 woman all up and going, getting in exercise.  As I drove home woman jogged on the sidewalks, only a few men, did I pass on the hike and no men outside up and going on the way home.  I probed my memory and went back over the past week trying to remember any time that I had seen men out jogging, biking, or getting active…very few times.  I also belong to a health club, in which yes I do see some younger men hitting the weights, and a few on the cardio machines, but a higher percentage of woman working out.

I know a “man” is not just defined by his physical strength and endurance, so where else do I see men missing from action.  Well, in leadership roles for sure.  Of course if you believe our current President, Vice President, House and Senate Leaders classify as examples of the type of leadership that you like, then I guess you can stop reading this. However I argue all of them are absent in leadership as the American Men we need right now.

Maybe I need to define what qualities and characteristics I am looking for in the American Man.  First a strong relationship with the Lord, someone whom openly without reservations wears his faith on his sleeve, and relies on God daily to do his fathers will, not his own.  Second, is a quality leader.  Someone whom leads with set principles and values by defining them to all and then sticking to them even when it may not be the most popular.  The male leaders need to have experience, wisdom, and an ability to convey confidence with their decision, and articulate them though both words, and actions, not read off a teleprompter.  The male leader needs to set the agenda, be proactive, lead with conviction, and then when necessary course correct, and explain why that correction was necessary.

Harrison Ford et Calista Flockhart Deauville 2009

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Strength and endurance I believe is a very important part of the American Man.  A person not embarrassed by riding a motorcycle in a leather vest and showing off his strength.  Someone whom eats healthy, and enjoys physical exercise, and stays in shape.  This man would have hobbies that involve the outdoors, mountain biking, archery, hiking, fishing, a love of nature because it is part of God’s creation not because of environmentalism.

The American man should be happy, a sense of serenity, you can feel it when you shake his hand, or he enters a room.  A man that is balanced, does not live in the extremes.  A person that can enjoy the company of others without relying on alcohol or drugs to fit in.  An overall sense of well being that comes from a balance of life experience, relationship with the lord, and being physically fit. Being married and having children is fine, not a prerequisite. The size of his bank account does not matter, but his ability to be of service to others does.

I wish I could list off about 15 names of American Males that fit the definition I just presented, but I am struggling to come up with any.  Perhaps some movie characters.

American actor Brad Pitt

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  • Indian Jones…AKA Harrison Ford
  • Sean Connery–in most of his movie roles
  • Brad Pitt in Troy and Fight Club
  • Russell Crowe in Gladiator
  • Charleton Heston as Moses


How about a comparison of men in positions of power. Whom would you consider the American Man?

  • George Washington or Bill Clinton
  • Thomas Jefferson or Barrack Obama
  • General Patton or General Petraeus
  • Henry Ford or whoever is running General Motors this week


I am sure many will be upset as they read this, how dare I be so judgmental, and whom am I to classify what an American man is.  Well, today I am trying to model myself as best as I can off the American man that I believe our country desperate needs right now, the one I am describing, and giving examples of.  I feel if we have more of these men and less of the meterosexual, urban feel good male that stands for nothing but trying to please everyone, our country will then began to be the beacon of hope for the rest of the world, not the picture of tyranny that it has become.

Something has happened to the American Man….I want him back…do you?

God Bless You

God Bless America

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