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My Favorite Dehydrated Food Recipes

This is a sexy blog. How can I spice this one up….Well I can’t so I am not going to try anymore.  Today is my top 10 favorite recipes for using my Thrive Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Food product.  For everyone starting out in “Cooking from Cans”, be prepared for some trial and error period.  Most of the recipes that are on my list I needed to make a few times before they tasted just right, and the ones that have not made the list…well lets just say I have not mastered yet.

Before I name the list let me refresh my madness.  Why am I providing recipes for using Dehydrated food products.

RESISTANCE through Self-Reliance:

  • Resistance to current economic times. This provides you an immediate ability to lower your monthly food costs.  It has been my experience that when I switched to cooking from cans which a purchased a one year supply for one person, my monthly food expense was CUT IN HALF!
  • Resistance to Future Inflation and hyperinflation: When you have already purchases one or two years worth of food product, your costs are locked in.  As Inflation begins to explode first of 2011 you will not experience the pain of rising food costs.  You and your family will be insulated from its effects
  • Resistance to Government Enslavement:  43 million Americas bow at the alter of government food stamps today.  At current levels of increase that could be 55 million by this time next year or more. BUT NOT YOU.  We choose to not rely on the government but instead choose a path of self-reliance.
  • Nutrition.  When I tell you I have never felt or looked healthier at 41 years old I am not kidding.  This food product has wonderful nutrition, and guess what you can pronounce all the ingredients in the can.  For instance if it is cracked winter wheat, it contains cracked winter wheat.  When you buy that loaf of wheat bread at the store I challenge you to pronounce half the words in the ingredients list.
  • Survival Food Training:  This is important for many of us whom are ZOMBIES TO PREMADE AND PACKAGED SINGLE SERVE FOOD PRODUCTS.  I say that with love because I was one myself. When you are living from food in cans, you need to prepare it FROM SCRATCH.  You learn how to knead and rise bread dough, how to make tortillas, soup and much more.  All of this training will pay off when electricity is no longer working and you need to make your family dinner. We will know how to make dinner from a propane stove top when needed, and how to prepare the food from the cans, that has not spoiled like all the food in the refrigerator has. 

Honey Wheat Bread

All right Here is the List followed by the links to find the recipes.

10.   Congo Bars:  Great little sweet dessert…but with some protien and easy to make

9.   Buttery Corn Bread:  Yum, this goes so good crumbled up in my morning oatmeal,

8.   Potato Cheese Soup:  Creamy goodness.  I used flour instead of the cornstarch,

7.   Easy Cheesy Chicken Bake:  So for this recipe if I have left over Potato Cheese Soup I use that to pour over the chicken TVP and Broccoli.

6.   To die for Blueberry Muffins:  I mix freshly ground cracked winter wheat for half of the all purpose flour, that way you add protein, and more texture to the muffins.

5.   Whole Wheat Tortillas:  I use these in my quesadillas.

4.   Beef Noodle Soup:  Just added this one yesterday it was so good it made it to number four.

3.   Tasty Buns:  They are just that Tasty…how could you not like something called “tasty buns”.

2.   Macoroni and Cheese…This one rocks I add Thrive Ham and Bacon TVP, along with chili sauce.

1.   Honey Wheat Bread:  There is something about the feeling of satisfaction watching the dough rise, and cutting into and eating a warm piece of bread that you made from scratch….

I hope these recipes provide you great tasting food.  God did not design us to get in our cars, drive to the state food stamp agency, wait in line, fill out paperwork describing your reliance on the government.  Go to the store, buy pre-made food with little nutrition.  Hand your food stamps to the clerk. Then go through that process again week after week.  He designed us to be self-reliant, and to use our hands in baking our own bread, and preparing our own soup, daily.

God Bless You

God Bless America

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