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Pleasanton CA, your typical American city dying a slow death.

Money magazine proclaimed a few years ago that Pleasanton California was the best mid sized city in America.  They looked at categories such as finances, housing, jobs, education, and quality of life.  They then looked at the cities averages versus the averages in the rest of the United States.  Who could argue, Pleasanton was a great place in 2007.

Turn the clock forward to today.  If one did the same analysis Pleasanton still might come out as one of the top locations to live in.  However it has nothing to do with the quality of life here anymore, it has everything to do with the averages for all the rest of the United States have fallen so much. It seems as though the only reason the downtown exists anymore is for the Saturday Morning Farmers market and the once a month street closing events in which people have an excuse to be seen in public, and others have a chance to try and sell you something you don’t need.

For this writer I am not going to pull all the government data that was used, I am not going to pull official vacancy rates, or school statistics.  If that is what you want to use to base your knowledge it is available elsewhere.  I am going to write about my personal experience living and working in the downtown.

Pleasanton is known for its wonderful downtown restaurants, you know the type that charge you $18.99 for a plate of pasta, sauce and bread, but it is really good bread.  In the last three years almost half of the restaurants have either closed or changed ownership more times than the paint can dry.  Take any night of the week and strong along the patio dinning areas from Pasta’s to Blue Agave, and you will see a ghost town of empty tables and lonely servers.  Most of these restaurants rely on business dinning, and banquets, of which in the last three years are down well over 50%.  These restaurants which offer jobs to the local community have all cut back their staffing to a bear bone, including right now in November which is supposed to be the busiest time of the year.


Downtown office vacancy..can you say close to 50%!  Pleasanton’s downtown is made up mostly of two story buildings, the ground floor used for retail, and the upper office.  In every building you find signs stating avaialbe, or for lease…In two of the larger buldings it appears from the outside not one space is leased.  Those same restaurants that are dying on the vine will never turn around unless the office spaces that are vacant are filled.  To give you a taste for this below is the listing of properties avaialbe that are listed on the Pleasanton Downtown Associations website; keep in mind the downtown is 8 blocks long and 3 blocks wide. Also this list does not even include those listed by major commercial brokers such as Colliers, Grubb and Ellis, etc.


Here is a list of the available properties:

4625 First Street

Counseling offices available as part of larger office. All services included.
Contact: Jeff Early or email at 925-918-2080
Available: Now

4319 Railroad Ave.

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom
Contact: Sherry at (925) 461-4820
Price: $1150 with 6 month lease
Available: Immediately
Square Feet: 610

4725 First Street, Civic Center Station

At the corner of First Street at Bernal Ave., one block from Historic Main Street cafes, restaurants and shops. View floor plan on:
Spaces avaiable:
440 sf second floor – available now
733 & 858 sf – first floor; can be combined (Avail. ~ Dec. 1)
1692 sf – second floor (Avail. ~Jan. 1)

Price: Negotiable
Available: Varies-see above
Square Feet: Varies-see above

4713 First St. Pleasanton Station II in historic Downtown Pleasanton

Vibrant Tenant Mix
NEW CONSTRUCTION (brand new suites available)
Suite 140 (downstairs) 977 rsf.

Price: Negotiable
Available: Now
Square Feet: 977 rsf.

Premium Professional Office Space For Rent at 313 Ray Street/Fountain Creek Plaza/Pleasanton

Sunny office space available in beautiful downtown Pleasanton law firm. Amenities may include secretarial station, telephone system, receptionist, conference room, kitchen, color copier, fax, and scanner.

Price: Negotiable
Available: Immediately


Beautiful office suite available in downtown Pleasanton. Premium location with street location in new commercial complex. Suite includes 3 interior offices, reception area, kitchen/storeroom and bathroom. Off street parking. Walking distance to downtown, retail and dining.

Price: Negotiable
Available: Immediately
Square Feet: 1097 Sq. ft.

321 & 325 Ray Street Fountain Creek Plaza in Pleasanton

7 private office, open area & kitchen. Ample on site parking. Walking distance to restaurants, retail and hotels.
321 & 325 can be purchased individually.
Price: $1,960,000.00
Available: now
Square Feet: 2613 sq. ft.

4625 First Street – Pleasanton Station

Second floor, includes utilities, light janitorial, plenty of parking, private office w/curible area, kitchenette area, 2 entries, one block from Main Street

Available: Now
Square Feet: 1340

4625 First Street

First floor, full service, ideal for counselor, accountant, insurance agent, 2 entries.
Available: May 1
Square Feet: 350

234 Main Street

Large space with parking
Price: For Sale
Available: Immediately
Square Feet: 5074 sq. ft.

525 Main Street

This great retail space located on Main Street includes a backyard and storage shed
Price: $3400/month
Available: Immediately
Square Feet: 1700 Sq. Ft.

608 Main Street, Suite F

Open office area, 2nd story
Price: $2.60/sf
Available: Immediate
Square Feet: 350

55 W. Angela Street, Suite 100

850 sq. ft. on first floor with street frontage (Farmer’s Market).
Contact: Mitch Pereira – more info. on at (925) 989-2846
Price: Negotiable
Available: Immediate
Square Feet: 850 sq. ft.

55 W. Angela Street, Suite 205

750 sq. ft. professional loft with large balcony and views of southwest Castlewood ridge area.
Price: Negotiable
Available: Immediate
Square Feet: 750 sq. ft.

264 Main Street

Retail or office, front area with back office.
Available: Now
Square Feet: 600

818 Main Street, Suite C: Annie’s Corner

Two Nail stations, Two Hair stations, and one Facial room.
Price: Nail station – $300/ month. Hair station $700/ month. Facial room $500/month
Available: Daily rental available is possible.


Five private offices, 182 to 340 (2-room suite) sq. ft.
Price: $515 to $900 (total rent). Rent includes 500 sf. common area with two restrooms
Square Feet: 182 to 340 (2-room s

520 Main Street

Prime downtown Pleasanton location on Main Street!

2200 square feet of brand new remodeled space.

Front retail space with hardwood floors and perfect lighting. Full kitchen, basement, upstairs office ideal for meetings, massage or aesthetician, or just office space.

Middle part of the building can be retail , office or entertaining space,

Back yard had endless opportunities for parties, moms groups, photo sessions, bridal showers, baby showers, parties and more.
Available: Now
Square Feet: 2200 Sq. ft.


What is happening in Pleasanton CA is most likely the same situation that has happened to many cities in the US that have already died.  I think I have heard it said before, “when the downtown goes the rest of the city is not far behind.”  Pleasanton is at the crossroads today of becoming just another overpriced and overhyped city that goes the way of the dinosaur.

How does it get better.  Well like any good addict will tell you that was able to overcome their addication certain steps must be taken:

  1. Admit that there is a problem and that we are powerless over it, that governement at the local, state, and federal level is not working, it is broken.
  2. Come to believe that government is not the answer, but that God is.
  3. Turn this problem over to God, ask him for help and guidance.
  4. Take a personal inventory of the situation.
  5. Admit to God all of our failures.
  6. Ask for his forgiveness.
  7. Start to make amends to all of the property owners, citizens of the city, and businesses throughout the area.
  8. Begin to lean on God daily for guideance as to how to continually improve the situation.
  9. Be of service to man, by teaching other cities what Pleasanton had to do to heal itself.


Pleasanton has had an addication problem no better or worse than your typical crack addict.  It is addicted to pride, self confidence, money, greed, and the businesses in the area that fueled it’s property tax coffers.  I ask the residents of this town that read this article to look inside your hearts to see if this is not true.  Perhaps you already agree with me, in either case Pleasanton is just another city in America today that, not to long ago, was the model for what made America great, and today what is turning out to be our American nightmare.

God Bless You

God Bless America

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